The Benefits of Steam Technology for Car Cleaning

Take care of the cleanliness and comfort in your vehicle! Try revolutionary technology for car cleaning using steam and you will be extremely satisfied! Steam penetrates everywhere, while disinfects. This type of cleaning is characterized by quick drying. The philosophy of Car Cleaning LTD is the simplicity we strive to offer the best car cleaning service at the lowest possible price. In the current economic conditions honesty is the only thing that can bring growth in business services. We seek long-term partnerships where both parties are satisfied.

Our teams are composed of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in professional car cleaning. Each team member has successfully passed initial selection, specialized training and probation.

The interior of a car is the place where occupants spend the most time. Even the exterior is not in perfect form when you have a preserved and fresh interior you feel comfortable inside the car. When the dashboard is well cleaned from dust, insoles are kitted out and the seats and ceiling are laundered and smell nice, you will feel like you are in a new car.

The Importance of Interior Car Maintenance

Maintenance of the interior is not always associated to having the right cleaners. Sometimes individual elements of the interior can be broken, worn, frayed or torn. For example, the steering wheel may break if it is leather, and then you have to take care for it. Although automotive interiors are designed to provide long service life, poor and careless use often leads to tearing of the leather or wasting of the fabric seats.

The Expertise of Professional Car Cleaning Companies

Naturally, the best care for the car is offered by the professional car cleaning companies. Lately, they are in very strong competition and offer different services for car cleaning. But not always it is necessary to invest a lot of money for fixing and dealing with any problems related to our car. Car Cleaning LTD has selected several tricks with home remedies that you can apply in your daily life.

Home Remedies for Car Cleaning

For exterior cleaning we will need hair conditioner that contains lanolin. You can use it as a traditional soap used for washing cars. Lanolin has features that make the paint of the car is smooth and shiny.

The nail polish is an excellent temporary solution for small scratches on the paint of your car. Each car has a different colour, but now the market has a wide variety of lacquers, which makes it easy to find the right for your car.

If you have a problem with defogging and moisture in your car, a litter box that contains silicon crystals gel is an excellent assistant. Place crystals in a sock or other breathable material and place it on trouble spots inside the car. In the morning you will see the effect of this so easy quirk that will protect your windows from fogging.

Vinegar will help you have clean windows, but not only. It can help you with more serious stains on the upholstery. Put some vinegar on the stain, wipe with a damp cloth and you are ready. At the beginning there may be some smell of vinegar, but it quickly passes.

Coffee Spills and Stain Removal

Many people drink their morning coffee in the car while driving to work. It has happened to everyone to accidentally spill coffee on the dashboard or upholstery. There are a variety of ways to remove such unpleasant spots that Car Cleaning LTD will offer you. First you should consider that the removal of stains on leather and vinyl is done differently than cloth upholstery.

If the coffee is spilled on the leather seats the first thing you need to do is stop the car immediately. Take a tissue and gently place it on a wet place. Do not rub because you will worsen the situation. After you have absorbed the liquid with a handkerchief, use another damp cloth and wash the leather to clean the place. Wipe the stain with a dry cloth at the end.

If the coffee gets on upholstery, which is made of fabric, first blot with a dry cloth. Apply a mixture of vinegar and water on the stain in a ratio of 1: 2. Then use a dry cloth to dry it. Paper towels, along with the solution must absorb the stain. If that does not work, you can try a warm solution of water and detergent. Apply it with a sponge and rub until you erase the stain. If this does not work, you can get a professional solution specifically for cleaning stains from upholstery in the car.

Full Car Transformation with Professional Car Cleaning Services

Whether the interior of your car is leather, vinyl or cloth you can easily remove stains if you act quickly and correctly. If possible, always wear in your car on a bottle of the above cleaning solutions. If your car interior needs full transformation and professional car cleaning, contact Car Cleaning LTD to schedule the service you need.