If your vehicle has leather seats with bright colour (i.e. white, beige, yellow and brown) and you are wearing blue jeans, after some time you will find that your leather upholstery turns into blue. And you will desperately need car cleaning of the leather interior. Modern leather in cars have a special surface coating. The benefit of this clear finish to the leather is that it reduces maintenance and prevents damage to the leather. This type of coverage protects against everyday wear including colouring. If you have decided to clean your leather interior on your own, you should know the car should be in the shade. The leather seats have to be cool when you touch them. Do not attempt to clean the leather when it is hot - it can be damaged!

Tips for Maintaining Leather Car Seats

The problem with the leather surfaces in cars is that they are exposed to many different temperatures (from very hot to very cold), leading to wear of the leather. Furthermore, constant touch / pressure to the seats, dashboard, gear lever and steering wheel make the leather look shabby. The best way for car cleaning of leather interior is to do it frequently and to pay the necessary attention. Here are some tips:

1. You should remove the sand and other small particles from the car with a vacuum cleaner regularly. Do not miss all the folds of the seat. Remove the front Seat back, so you can reach all parts of the surface. If still there remain small pieces of rubbish you can use a tiny brush to remove them. Do not press too hard in order not to scratch the skin.

2. Select your detergent. You have a great choice, but Car Cleaning LTD recommends you use only eco-friendly products for leather treatment. Mix the displayed amount of warm water and use it to clean the seats with cloth.

3. Wash the foam and absorb water from the seats.

4. You can use a special polish for leather seats. The market offers many possibilities.

How to Properly Use a Pressure Washer for Car Cleaning

If you have taken care of the interior of the car, it is time to perform exterior car cleaning. Many people are confident they know how to use a pressure washer. Most likely, this belief is correct. There is nothing complicated about it to wash off dirt with water spray and rinse with shampoo and a sponge. We need to know a few basic things when washing with high pressure cleaner, such as the nozzle should be held no more than 10 cm from the surface, and the gun to move in a plane close to perpendicular to the cleaning surface.

Many car owners are faced with the problem of strips remaining on the body after car cleaning. They are especially noticeable in cars with dark colours. For some reason many blame for this the shampoo or the machine itself. The reason, however, is improper handling your pressure washer.

Since each pressure washer works with a jet of high pressure, you must respect some safety measures specified in the instructions of the manufacturer. Be especially careful not to target the plume against a person or animal. Also note that the jet has a great energy and can knock down objects to break cracked or thin glasses, shooting stones if you head to the ground. Pressure washer is a machine that works with electricity so secure that it will not be near the area where you wash your car.

Once you're done with your pressure washer properly take care of it. Dry hoses and gun nozzle, wipe it clean of mud or dirt, curl the power cable and store it in a dry place. In winter, do not leave the machine and hoses to freeze, store them in a warm room.

When you are using pressure washer for car cleaning you should learn some tricks. First, you have to apply the preparation on the car body from top to bottom. This allows retention of the shampoo to the surface of the vehicle. The application of preparation starts from the front door, then the rear, the boot. Complete with application of shampoo on the roof and hood.

Wash the chemical preparation going in the same direction. The ideal distance from the gun to the surface of the car is 10 cm. This provides optimum pressure and, hence, quality of car cleaning. The ideal angle of the gun relative to the surface is from 60 to 75 °C. In addition to that, in heavily soiled surfaces you can make a circular motion with the nozzle.

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