About Car Cleaning LTD

Car Cleaning LTD started out as a passion project of two childhood friends, with nothing but time and a hunger for success on their hands. Nowadays, 12 years later, Car Cleaning LTD is a leading provider of car interior detailing services, covering all of London and the areas outside the M25.

Unlike regular car washes, Car Cleaning LTD offers a mobile service, allowing its customers to maintain their interiors clean through the click of a few buttons, from the comfort of their homes. 

We are experts in terms of stain removal and will treat your car as if it's our own. Moreover, our services are available 7 days of the week, so even the busiest of individuals can get their interior cleaned to the highest standard!

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Our Professional Detailers

Car Cleaning LTD's team of interior detailers are fully trained and certified technicians with one common goal - to consistantly deliver the highest possible cleaning service to each and every customer!

All our cleaners have undergone the needed training courses prior to attending their first job. They are all fully equipped with proper machinery and detergents, and are situated all across London and the vicinity.

Our Top Tier Equipment

What's the main difference between a car wash and Car Cleaning LTD? Apart from being mobile, the main selling point of our services is the use of a powerful cutting edge steam extraction machine. Thanks to it, we are able to remove most staining and smells from car upholstery, previously thought to be unremovable by most.

What's more, our cleaning solutions of choice are by Prochem - the leading manufacturer of detergents in all of Europe. They are eco-friendly and completely harmless to children, pets and even people with allergies. 

Our Development

What was originally just a small business ran by a couple of friends, very quickly developed to a recognizable brand for car interior detailing in London. Car Cleaning LTD originally only had coverage of Borehamwood and the surrounding Watford areas. Because of high demand and an abundance of positive reviews, however, we were able to expand and increase our team of cleaners accordingly.

Car Cleaning LTD is another proof that when you are driven and consistent, anything is achievable!