If you want to enjoy a perfectly clean car, you should take care for its exterior and interior. Car cleaning should include thorough cleaning of alloy wheel rims, convertible roofs, leather interior and all the interior plastic components.

Keeping Your Wheels Clean

The aluminium wheel rims accumulate the most pollution: the dust of the pads, of pigment and street pollution. In order not to affect the aluminium from the dust of the pads and the salt that is sprayed on the streets in winter conditions, they should be washed on every two weeks. After washing, it is best to use cleaner for alloy wheel rims which is acid-free. Approximately on every three months you should apply a hard wax. Possible damage to the protective lacquer coating must be immediately repaired.

Convertible roofs maintenance

Plastic or textile roofs should not be treated as lacquer surfaces. So when you are performing car cleaning procedure do not choose treatment with hot wax because it damages the roof and leads to cracking. If your car has rear window film, you’d better avoid using car wash services. As a proud owner of a convertible, you should wash your car by hand only.

Cleaning the leather interior

If you want your leather interior to remain soft and shiny, you need to take special care for it. If the surfaces are slightly polluted, you have to clean them regularly with a damp cotton cloth. Twice a year, clean the leather interior with original products for maintenance. Regular use protects the leather from stains, fading, drying and cracking.

Caring for the entire interior

You have to clean the dashboard, centre console and side stowage compartments from dust and other contaminants with a damp cloth. Deeply embedded dirt on rough plastic you can remove with the original preparation for plastic. If you do not know what preparation to use, check online in automobile forums and compare different preparations available on the market. Moreover, you can look for competent professional cleaning firm which you can use once a month to maintain the good look of your vehicle.

When you are wiping the dust from the dashboard, it is important to use quality micro fiber cloth. They tend to collect dirt and that means it will wipe the dust better and will not spread it in the air. Therefore, it is recommended using a slightly damp cloth with anti-static spray to wipe dust, then another cloth to wipe again to remove traces of the preparation.