Importance of Thorough Cleaning

The most important thing about DIY car cleaning is the pollutants to be thoroughly removed and washed with water without the help with a sponge. Otherwise, the remaining dirt particles act of polish as a fine sandpaper. Then the vehicle can be cleaned with a soft sponge or brush with gentle pressure from top to bottom. Highly wearing parts – like the wheels - you need to clean up last and if it is possible to do this, use a second sponge. Finally, wash the car thoroughly with water and then polish it.

Tips for maintenance

Do not use household cleaners for car cleaning. They contain components that dissolve fat that remove the protective layer of the car and damage the paint. For this reason you should not use towels and sponges that you use in housework.

Washing with preparations for high pressure

Be sure to follow the instructions for using detergent at high pressure - especially in terms of the pressure and the minimum distance (more than 15 cm). Watch out also for a sufficient distance from soft materials such as rubber or insulating material. It requires particular caution when using cleaners. Never place them on a hot lacquer - avoid washing your car in the sun or when it is too hot outside.


Polishing is necessary only if the lacquer has become unsightly and preservatives can no longer be achieved brilliance. Note that matt varnished and plastic parts should not be treated with polishing and hard wax.

Tips for maintenance

The best results in polishing you will achieve if you work in the opposite direction. Apply polish, for example clockwise and polish in the opposite direction.

Little trick: Use both hands - with the left you apply the preparation and with the right - polish.

No damage to the paint

In order to prevent rust, small scratches in the lacquer must be coated with lacquer as quickly as possible. If there is rust formed, it must be removed thoroughly. Before applying lacquer you have to apply coatings to prevent corrosion.

Plastic parts and chromium

Car cleaning, including external plastic parts should be done by normal washing. If this is not enough, use preparation for plastic and clean the contaminated surface with a soft cloth or sponge. For chrome parts there are special chrome cleaners that return the shine of chrome rusted and worn parts.