Why Cleaning Tires is Important

Proper care of tires saves us a lot of money, because we do not have to buy new tires every year. We know that many of the drivers are well aware of the rules for the proper maintenance of all tires. But in case you have forgotten some of them, we suggest you to refresh your knowledge.

First, you have to pay particular attention to cleaning of the tires. It should not surprise you, because the tires of your car also need cleaning. Most people use regular car cleaning services but never think that they should include washing of tires in this service. Contamination on them should be removed quite often, because it can reflect on the safety of the vehicle. For that purpose you will need a special detergent that is able to remove more serious contamination. But you should not worry because you can find such preparation in many places, and it will not cost you much.

Importance of Checking Tire Pressure

Do you follow the instructions for regular checking of tire pressure on your car? Perhaps quite often you happen to forget or just do not have enough time. But we have to say that the pressure is important for maintaining the tire’s condition. You can check it on every gas station and this check will not take you more than five minutes or even less.

Cleaning Cars with 3M Adhesive Foil

For car cleaning with automotive graphics printed on 3M adhesive foil with laminate, it is recommended to use detergents for high-quality painted surfaces. Before leaving your car at a car wash, warn the staff to clean with specialized tools for washing. Preparations should not be abrasive and with strong chemicals, in order not to scratch the laminate and not to damage the adhesive foil. They must be liquid with pH values between pH 3- pH 11.

Cleaning Buses with 3M Adhesive Film

For car cleaning and cleaning of buses with 3M adhesive film for digital printing, you must use detergents without abrasive particles that do not contain solvents and alcohol. Again the preparation should be with pH 3-11.

Washing Cars with Power Washers

Cars covered with foil can be washed with power washers and other equipment for cleaning under pressure. But sometimes aggressive wash of a coated with adhesive foil car can damage it. Excessive pressure during cleaning with high pressure can push the water under printed graphics. The moisture lowers the strength of bonding adhesive film to paint the car and it is possible to obtain folding or rise up in these places.