Why Car Cleaning Matters: A Guide to Interior and Exterior Care

When it comes to car cleaning, you should know there are some specific tricks about interior and exterior cleaning. The essence of the washing process of the exterior of the vehicle lies in the removal of contaminant particles from the surface and transferring them in detergent. After pouring the car with water only, on the surface you will see dirt that is so firmly rooted in the paint that even water washing unit with pressure above 100 atmospheres can not remove it. If you wipe the surface with a sponge or cloth, you will achieve better results.

If we pour the car with water, then with car shampoo and then wash it, the dirt is likely to remain. It needs some help from our hands to rub the surface and remove the dirt. With any contact with the painted surface (either in handwashing with a sponge, cloth, brush or mechanical washing with brushes or so-called "contact less" washing) it is impossible to avoid micro damages of the coating of the abrasive action particle mud and sand. Just the source of influence is different - cloth, brush or water pressure.

Exterior Car Cleaning

The trick in exterior car cleaning is to use two sponges and washing gloves. You should use only shampoos for washing cars, not preparations for dish washing. They are not designed for your car and can severely damage it. With one sponge wash the body of the car and with the other – wash the tires as they should be left for the end of car cleaning. Polish the car after washing. That way you will avoid the appearance of stains on it from the limestone water.

You have to absorb the water with a micro fiber cloth, which is often squeezed and finally it is washed to avoid spending many grains of sand that will have disastrous consequences for paint and varnish in a subsequent washing. Never wipe the water from the car with silicone feathers that are commonly used in car washes. They keep grit and edge and gently rip varnish and paint on your car.

Interior Car Cleaning

Caring for the interior of your car, compared to care for the exterior consists in the use of some specially designed products from a professional class. You will need to arm yourself with different preparations with a clear purpose, tools and tricks for maintenance of exclusive surfaces of the interior of the vehicle. There are two main areas of concern of auto interiors, namely cleaning and protection.

Many people do not know which the best products to use on their car upholstery are. That is why they often ruin the condition of their interior with applying inappropriate preparations. If you are not sure that you can handle the situation, call Car Cleaning LTD for excellent car cleaning services. Car Cleaning LTD is a professional company for car cleaning, with thousands of clients throughout. It is famous for its excellent cleaning procedures and remarkable results with all types of upholstery. Car Cleaning LTD is equipped with the most modern equipment and eco-friendly products, highly effective for dirt and stains removal.

Cleaning the interior of the car which Car Cleaning LTD offers consists of depth cleaning of the auto upholstery, ceilings and any plastics in the passenger compartment. Cleaning the interior of the car is almost dry and performed with special cleaning products and machines. After cleaning the interior of the car upholstery remains almost dry and then 15 minutes is now ready for use. This cleaning method allows removing of all types of stains on the lounge.

Tips for Maintaining a Clean Car

Professional car cleaning should be used at least once a month. If you wish to feel comfortable inside your vehicle pay attention on its cleanness. Regularly vacuum the seats and floor mats in order to remove sand and other unwanted particles. Moreover, avoid spilling coffee or another liquid on the seats. If such thing happens, absorb the liquid as quickly as possible. If you wish your interior to smell fresh and pleasant, do not smoke inside the car. Do not let your passengers smoke inside the car, as well. If you have a small baby and you change the nappies inside the car, open the windows to ventilate immediately after you have finished this procedure. If your child feels dizzy and vomits inside the car, contact Car Cleaning LTD immediately and schedule a car cleaning service. The smell of vomit won’t go away unless you clean the area with the right product. If an incident has happened and there is blood on your seats, again schedule a cleaning procedure. Blood and vomit stains are treated with different cleaning products. You can find products that Car Cleaning LTD uses in every local store. They are professional, environmentally-friendly and highly expensive.


All in all, when it comes to taking care of your vehicle, you should know that keeping it clean means a lot. That way you provide a safe atmosphere for you and your passengers.