Clean Car Windows for Safe Driving

Car cleaning is as essential as car maintenance, especially in the winter conditions in which we use our vehicles. Keeping your car windows clean is important for your safety. For that purpose, it is always better to use a soft bristle brush to clean the windows from the outside, and a sponge for cleaning and drying the moisture and perspiration – from the inside. Do not use antifreeze in car cleaning. It heavily damages the paint and cause corrosion of thin metal parts. You may find helpful to check the operability of the wipers. In addition to that, it is important the heater of the rear window to be in good working order, otherwise you can not use the rearview mirror, which is quite dangerous!

Antifreeze: A Must-Have for Winter Car Maintenance

If you want to take care for your safety, always check the level of antifreeze before you use your car in winter. It doesn’t matter how safe the road in which you will drive is; the negative temperatures can cause you a lot of problems. Besides problems with the mechanical parts of your car, they can cause even engine damage. Filling the radiator of your car with antifreeze is one of the mandatory and essential things in this season of the year. It is also important to choose the coolant as recommended by the manufacturer, and never overfill the radiator above the mark for the maximum level of liquid.

Tire Care in Winter: Tips for Cleaning Them Safely

At winter season it is incredibly important to have good tires on which you can rely. That is why many people wonder what the best way to clean the tires is and should they clean the tires when performing thorough car cleaning at winter.

Do you wash your car with steam? If the answer is yes, you need to be very careful when cleaning tires. The concentrated jet of hot water can cause considerable damage. The percussion pressure increases the temperature of the material and tire bubbles that weaken the structure. The possible consequences are serious - suddenly pop the tires at high load or high speed. Here are our recommendations for cleaning tires:

Hold the gun at least 20 cm away from the tire.

Use a wide, not concentrated jet.

Even with dried dirt, do not direct the jet at one point. The right technique is constantly moving the jet back and forth.