Every parent knows what a nightmare cleaning the car saloon is when the children have been eating and drinking on the back seats. We are well aware that there is no single universal way of cleaning everything. Each spot is cleaned differently. Knowing what are the safest methods for car upholstery cleaning is the key to perfectly clean interior.

Safe Cleaning Methods for Common Stains

Coffee stains

Coffee, for example, is cleaned very easily and quickly with soap. After applying the soap on the fabric, wipe it with a damp cotton cloth and let it dry.

Juice stains

The juice stain is also very difficult to clean. But do not worry - you will cope with that problem easily. You have to make a solution of vinegar and ammonia. Mix it nicely and apply the solution on the upholstery. Then let it dry.

Jam or marmalade stains

In the case of a blot of jam or marmalade on the back seats, apply a solution of soapy water with vinegar on the stain. After drying, the cloth is washed with warm water with a cotton cloth and dried again.

Chocolate stains

If your children have stained the car seats with chocolate, you have to prepare a soap solution with warm water. Rinse the stain and let it dry naturally. Open the car windows to speed up the drying process.

Gum stains

But we all know that the most difficult problem for car upholstery is removing old gum. Do not be angry because every problem has a solution. The chewing gum can be removed by placing an ice pack on it. Once it has already hardened, rub it with a dull object. To finish the car upholstery cleaning procedure, wash the place with methyl alcohol.

Mud stains

How to remove mud stains? Wait for the mud to dry and brush it off the surface. Apply a mild detergent and water and rub to form foam. If after rinsing there are residual stains, make a solution of vinegar and water and apply it with a spray bottle. Then blot the stain.

Grass stains

Fresh grass stain is removed by rubbing with cotton wool or salt solution (1 teaspoon of salt, added to 1/2 cup of warm water). After removing the stain, rinse the seats with warm water. Pay attention not to add too much water on the upholstery because it will take much more time to dry.

Beer stains

Although beer stains are not a typical problem for car saloon, it happens to break a bottle of beer while we are driving home after shopping. Beer stains are also treated with soap. Prepare a solution of 1 tablespoon of vinegar and half a litre of water. Apply to the stain, wait a few minutes, then rinse with clean water and dry.

Red wine stains

We always say that the stain of red wine is most difficult to remove. In this case, it is the opposite. Simply sprinkle with salt the stained area and let it dip. When the seat dries, the salt can be dampened or cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Blood stains

If you have a blood stain on the seats, clean it before it is dry. Take a cotton cloth and gently moisten it. It is important to remember that blood stains should not be treated with hot water. You have to dilute them with cold water only, and then blot the stain. At the end, apply cleaning product for removing the stain.

Tea or cocoa stains

Of course, if there are spots of tea or cocoa, they are cleaned quickly and easily with a solution of water, vinegar and a little bit of dish-washing liquid. Once the solution has been applied to the stain, let it dry and then the stains will not remain.

Basic Rules for Car Upholstery Cleaning

- Pre-treatment of the stain is the most important step of car upholstery cleaning, because when drying, some stains are absorbed deeply into the fibers. Water and some detergent on the site will partially degrade the dirt.

- The quicker you take to clean the stain, the greater your chances are to remove it completely.

- Before action by any cleaning products, try their effect on a small piece of the upholstery to make sure they won’t discolour the car seats.

- Use natural cleaning products for maintaining the good look of your car upholstery. That way you will protect your children from the harmful effect of chemical detergents.

- The most useful natural tool for removing bad odours is baking soda. It can be applied not only on the car seats, but also on your carpets at home, inside the fridge or even for oven cleaning. You can use baking soda to refresh the wasted car interior. All you have to do is spreading several boxes of baking soda on the car seats and leaving the substance to act for the night. Vacuum the seats on the next day and you are ready!