If you have respiratory problems, but still want to enjoy a wonderful scent in your vehicle without having to resort to substances harmful to the human body, we suggest you try a few ideas to achieve this endeavour. These easy and economical methods are suitable for every interior, as their application requires minimal effort and resources. Here are our suggestions.

Keeping Your Interior Clean

The first thing you have to do is keeping your interior clean. Every day remove the empty coffee cups and other waste that you can find in your car. Moreover, avoid eating or drinking inside the car. Food stains are the most serious problem for every car interior. If you cannot start the day without a cup of strong coffee, drink it at home. If you don’t have time for a cup of coffee at home and you prefer drinking it on your way to work, be ready to absorb the coffee stain immediately. For that purpose always keep paper towels in your car.

Professional Car Upholstery Cleaning

Professional car upholstery cleaning should be used minimum once a month to keep the whole interior fresh. If you have respiratory problems, for sure car cleaning is not your favourite activity. So, find a trustworthy cleaning firm and use their services regularly. If you test Car Cleaning LTD car upholstery cleaning services, you will be impressed by the amazing results. Car Cleaning LTD’s experts work only with eco-friendly cleaning products that don’t irritate your skin and don’t have repelling strong odour, like the one of chemical preparations. These products are safe for people suffering from asthma, allergies, pregnant women, babies, etc.

Removing Cigarette Smoke Odour

If you suffer from asthma that means that you are not allowing your passengers to smoke inside the car. However, what happens if you have purchased a used vehicle and the previous owner was a smoker? For sure, there will be remnant odour of cigarettes inside the car! To solve the problem you can clean the whole interior with vinegar solution (solution of white vinegar and water) or leave two bowls of vinegar inside the car for the night. Although vinegar itself has a strong odour, it will disappear after few hours and along with it the smell of cigarettes will be gone.

Besides white vinegar, you can use baking soda to absorb offensive smoke odours. Just spread baking soda all over your car seats and leave it to stay for the night. On the next day, all you have to do is vacuuming the seats. This effective method for car upholstery cleaning promises fresh air in the saloon and perfectly clean car interior!

Placing some cat litter sand in the ashtrays in the car will absorb the cigarette smoke odour. It is a tested method for eliminating unpleasant cigarette smell. Many people are using it every day and it definitely works!

You can use coffee beans to eliminate unpleasant odours from the car, as well. Take 30-40 cm of an old lady's stocking (or a pair of tights) tie a nice knot on one side, put 3-4 spoons of ground coffee inside and tie it on the other side. A soft lymphatic bundle is obtained, which does not take place. Place it on the back seats, and you will notice just in a few hours, the cigarette smoke odour will be gone.

Using Coffee Beans and Citrus Fruit Peels for a Pleasant Scent

If you have eliminated the bad smell from your car, and you wish to sense only a pleasant odour, you can spread some fresh citrus fruit peels on the back seats. You can use lemon or orange peels. Let them stay in the car till they dry completely. Then replace them with new fresh peels.

Dangers of Chemical Air Fresheners and the Benefits of Natural Alternatives

You have to know that chemical flavours are very poisonous. So instead of creating pleasant sensations, you are mourning with the thousands of chemical fresheners that irradiate you everywhere. Experts and scientists are advising to give up those chemical flavours and instead of chemistry, to put in our car flavours of nature.

Flavours contain formaldehyde that causes upper respiratory tract cancer, as well as liquefied petroleum gas and petroleum distillate, which cause vertigo and headache. Air fresheners also have propane that damages the liver, kidneys, skin, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system as well as some benzene that causes cancer. Moreover, the perfume emitted from the flavour is also poisonous. 95% of the chemicals contained in it are based on petroleum derivatives. They lead to headaches, dizziness and even depression.

In addition, flavours include acetone, butane and isobutene, which are serious toxins affecting the brain and the nervous system. There are very dangerous phthalates in them, which inhalation leads to an increase in testosterone levels, which indirectly causes reproductive anomalies. Don’t put your health at risk! Use only natural air fresheners, like the one we mentioned in this article!