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Looking for reliable car interior cleaners in Wimbledon SW19?

If you're looking for the most remarkable vehicle interior washing service in Wimbledon SW19 at a reasonable cost, look no further than Car Cleaning LTD. With nearly a decade of experience in the field, we take pride in serving thousands of satisfied customers who rely on our top-notch procedures regularly.

Our team of cleaning experts comprises highly competent and trustworthy professionals who are dedicated to their work and pay meticulous attention to every detail. You can trust them to leave your vehicle's upholstery looking impressively clean.

At Car Cleaning LTD, we prioritize both effectiveness and safety. Our technicians utilize exceptionally effective and safe cleaning products to ensure outstanding results. Additionally, our detail services are available 7 days a week, providing you with the flexibility to choose a convenient appointment time.

Key benefits of choosing Car Cleaning LTD:

  • Same-day appointments available for your convenience
  • We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee
  • Our cleaners are fully insured for your peace of mind
  • We employ safe and environmentally friendly cleaning methods

A solution to any interior problem at a reasonable price!

Our experienced Wimbledon detailers are able to remove:

carcleaningltd coffee stain removal

Coffee and milk spillages

No matter if the spill was from yesterday or last month, it's not a problem for us

carcleaningltd food stain removal

Greasy stains

Things got a bit messy at the McDonald's drive through? Don't worry! Oily food stains are no match for our equipment!

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Vomit and urine accidents

We can't plan when or where these will happen. Just keep your cool and call us to have the issue taken care off!

carcleaningltd urine stain removal

Paint spills

If you just spilt paint in the back (or front) of your car and you're thinking of throwing the car away, don't! We specialize in paint stain removal.

Quality Interior Detailing Wimbledon SW19

Have your pets and children turned your car into a horror show? Fear no more, as Car Cleaning LTD is here to give your car interior a happy ending. With our experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and effective cleaning products, we can tackle all known car interior problems.

Our unparalleled detailing service is available in Wimbledon SW19 and throughout London. Even if you live in Wimbledon but work elsewhere and don't have the time, no worries! Just give us a call, and we'll come to your work address, ensuring your car is cleaned while you focus on making money.

Equipped with the latest steam machines and using the safest cleaning products, Car Cleaning Ltd can handle any interior cleaning task. Your car will look so pristine that even the kids will be eager to walk to school when they see it. Don't just take our word for it, check out the countless positive reviews from our satisfied customers online!

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Professional Mobile Auto Detailing Prices

Standard Interior




Treatment of stubborn stains

Treatment of odours

Steam extraction cleaning

*Only for seats, carpets, mats and boot

Most Preferred

Full Interior


Standard Option +





Side rooms

Premium Interior


Full Interior +

Stain Protection

Vent Pro

*Stain Protection helps prevent staining on your seats/ carpets

**Vent Pro disinfects the air filtration system of the vehicle

Some of our recent car interior cleaning jobs

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Available 24/7, why not get in touch?

What is included in the car interior cleaning process in Wimbledon?

  1. Comprehensive vacuuming: Our skilled team starts by meticulously vacuuming every nook and cranny of your car's interior, ensuring that dust, dirt, and debris are thoroughly removed.
  2. Specialized stain removal: We utilize advanced techniques and top-quality products to target and eliminate even the toughest stains, whether they're from spills, food, or other sources.
  3. Deep steam cleaning: Our state-of-the-art steam cleaning equipment delivers powerful hot water extraction, penetrating deep into the upholstery, carpets, and mats to lift away ingrained dirt and grime, leaving them refreshed and revitalized.
  4. Odour neutralization: We go beyond surface cleaning by addressing unpleasant odours. Our specialized treatments effectively neutralize odours, such as cigarette smoke or pet odours, leaving your car smelling fresh and inviting.
  5. Leather care and conditioning: For vehicles with leather interiors, we provide specialized care and conditioning to restore and maintain their natural beauty, preventing cracking and preserving their supple texture.
  6. Spotless window cleaning: Our attention to detail extends to your car's windows, as we meticulously clean and polish them from the inside, ensuring crystal-clear visibility.
  7. Disinfection of hard surfaces: We prioritize cleanliness and hygiene by thoroughly disinfecting hard surfaces such as the dashboard, door panels, and centre console, ensuring a sanitized and germ-free environment.
  8. Attention to detail: Our professional team takes pride in their meticulous approach, ensuring that every inch of your car's interior receives the highest level of care and attention.
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Hear from our satisfied customers:

I found Car Cleaning LTD online while searching for car interior cleaning services in Watford, and I'm really glad I did. Their cleaners were able to remove some really stubborn stains, and they left my car looking like new.

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Ashton Anderson
2 Nov 2022

I live in St Albans and I was really impressed with the service I received from Car Cleaning LTD. Their cleaners were really friendly and professional, and they were able to get rid of some really tough odours from my car. The service was exceptional and I finally found a company which I can use on a regular basis to clean my car in the long run!

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Lynn Wood
9 Nov 2022

I came across Car Cleaning LTD while searching for car interior cleaning services in Bromley, and I'm really glad I did. Their cleaners were really skilled at removing pet hair, and they left my car looking spotless!

blood, urine and vomit issues 5
Brice Powell
18 Dec 2022
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