The problem with cigarette smoke odour in cars

If you are a smoker, you are already used to the smell of cigarettes inside your vehicle. However, for your passengers who are non-smokers, this odour may not be so pleasant. Coping with cigarette smoke odour is a huge problem, especially for a non-smoker who has purchased a second-hand vehicle from a smoker. The air fresheners don’t solve the problem with the strong odour. On the contrary, they are just trying to hide the bad smell, but without any good effect. Every non-smoker will sense the cigarette smoke odour, not very well hidden behind the air freshener aroma. If you have tried to eliminate the cigarette smoke odour at your home by repainting the walls, you cannot use the same procedure for your vehicle.

Professional car upholstery cleaning as the most effective method

Professional car upholstery cleaning is the most effective method for coping with cigarette smoke odour. Steam cleaning method will remove not only the offensive odour, but also will refresh your upholstery and will eliminate the bacteria. However, besides expert car upholstery cleaning procedures there are other methods you can test to eliminate the smell of cigarettes in your vehicle.

Alternative methods to eliminate cigarette smoke odour

Coffee beans

The first highly effective way for getting rid of cigarette smoke odour is by placing a bowl of coffee beans inside the vehicle. Just in several hours, the coffee will absorb the smell of cigarettes, leaving in the car only a fresh pleasant scent of coffee.

Wet wipes

The second useful method not only for coping with the smell of cigarettes, but also for car upholstery cleaning, is regular wiping the seats with wet wipes. However, we can’t say this method is as helpful as the first method we described.

White vinegar

The oldest trick for removing unpleasant odours from your car is placing bowls or cups of white vinegar inside the car for the night. On the next day, remove the bowls (cups) and open the windows of the car to air the saloon. Undoubtedly, vinegar can eliminate cigarette smoke odour completely.

Another way to benefit from the positive effect of white vinegar is to damp a cotton cloth in it. Wipe the car seats with that cloth and leave the cloth for the night inside the car. You will eliminate the cigarette smoke odour and will kill all the germs and bacteria on the seats.

Orange or lemon peels

Fresh orange or lemon peels, placed on the back seats for several days will bring very pleasant citrus aroma in your car. Remove them after they dry completely and replace them with new fresh peels. That way you will forget about unpleasant smells in your saloon and will purify the air with natural products.

Cinnamon sticks

Take several cinnamon sticks and boil them in water. Pour the liquid in a cup and place it inside the car. You can turn the air conditioner in the car on, if the water has cooled down, to warm it. Your interior will smell really pleasant! Most people prefer that cinnamon odour for the winter so you can use this car upholstery cleaning tip for the winter, and the method with citrus peels – for the spring and summer season.

Cat litter

If you have a cat, then for sure you have cat litter sand. Take some unused cat litter sand and place it in the ashtrays in the car. It will absorb the cigarette smoke odour completely!


A curious trick for absorbing cigarette smoke odour is smashing several newspapers and leaving them in the vehicle for the night. It is really unusual method for coping with the problem and few people know about it!

Baking soda

Baking soda promises magnificent effect when it comes to car upholstery cleaning! It will remove old stains, unpleasant odours and will refresh the seats. What you have to do is spreading some baking soda on the seats. You will need several boxes of baking soda to cover the whole interior. Leave the substance to act for the night and on the next day vacuum the baking soda. You can use baking soda to remove unpleasant smell from your fridge as well. Just leave an opened box of baking soda inside the fridge to absorb bad odours. You need to change the box with a new one on every three months.

Activated carbon

In order to eliminate cigarette smoke odour completely, place a box of activated carbon on the back seats of the car for a night.

Conclusion: Tips for keeping your car clean and fresh

As you can see there are various methods to cope with cigarette smoke odour. However, in the first place you should stick to the rule not to smoke inside the car. It is the best thing to do once you have got rid of bad smell of cigarettes. Don’t allow your passengers to smoke as well. Using car upholstery cleaning services once a month is also helpful for keeping your car clean and fresh.