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Looking for car interior valet services in Staines TW15?

Looking for top-notch car interior valet services in Staines TW15? Look no further! At our local interior detailing company, we have over 10 years of experience in providing exceptional car cleaning solutions. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering unparalleled results, ensuring your car's interior looks and feels brand new.

With our commitment to quality and attention to detail, we guarantee exceptional results that will exceed your expectations. Don't settle for anything less than the best for your car's interior. Contact us today to book our car interior valet services in Staines TW15.

Why customers love Car Cleaning LTD?


Take advantage of our fully mobile car cleaning service for unparalleled convenience. We only require a power socket and a water tap to transform your car's interior. Available every day of the week to fit your schedule.

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Our seasoned experts bring years of experience to every car interior cleaning job. With a deep understanding of stain removal and top-notch equipment and detergents, we ensure your car seats look their best.

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Attention to detail

At Car Cleaning Ltd, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. We take the necessary time to ensure every surface is cleaned to perfection, giving your car the thorough care it deserves.

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Here are the key highlights of our car interior valet services

  • Convenient Mobile Service: We understand your busy schedule, which is why we bring our services to your doorstep. Whether it's your home or office, we come to you at a time that suits you best.
  • Effective Stain Removal: Our experienced technicians utilize advanced techniques and commercial steamers to tackle even the most stubborn stains. Say goodbye to coffee spills, food stains, and pet accidents that have been plaguing your car's interior.
  • Leather Care and Conditioning: We understand the importance of maintaining the quality of your leather upholstery. Our experts provide specialized care and conditioning to keep your leather seats looking luxurious and supple.
  • Quick Drying: We value your time and convenience. Our efficient process ensures quick drying, allowing you to get back on the road with a fresh and clean interior in no time.
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Professional Mobile Auto Detailing Prices in Staines

Interior Valet Packages

Standard Interior


Vacuum upholstery and carpets


Treatment of stubborn stains

Treatment of odours

Steam extraction cleaning

Leather treatment and conditioning (if any)

Shampoo all seats, carpets, and mats

*Only for seats, carpets, mats and boot

Most Preferred

Full Interior


Standard Option +





Side rooms

Premium Interior


Full Interior +

Stain Protection

Vent Pro

*Stain Protection helps prevent staining on your seats/ carpets

**Vent Pro disinfects the air filtration system of the vehicle

**Ozone Cleaner £25 - eliminates harmful germs, microorganisms, neutralizes stubborn odours, including cigarette smell, and effectively combats mould growth.

What kind of issues are we able to remove with steam cleaning?

Food and drink spillages

At Car Cleaning LTD, our steam cleaning process is highly effective in tackling a wide range of car interior issues. With our expertise and advanced equipment, we can successfully remove various stubborn stains caused by drink and food spillages. Whether it's tea, coffee, soda, juice, chocolate, ketchup, or grease, our steam cleaning method penetrates deep into the fabric, lifting and eliminating the toughest stains, leaving your car's interior looking pristine.

Unpleasant odours

Unpleasant odours can make your car's interior an uncomfortable place to be. Our steam cleaning technique is specifically designed to combat these odours, such as cigarette smoke odour, spoiled milk smell, petrol smell, and even stubborn dog smells. The high temperature of the steam not only cleans the surfaces but also helps in neutralizing and eliminating odour-causing bacteria, giving your car a fresh and inviting scent.

Mould development and paint spills

For more serious issues like mould development or accidental paint spills, our steam cleaning process is a powerful solution. The hot steam effectively kills and removes mould spores, preventing further growth and restoring a hygienic environment in your car. Additionally, if you've had a paint spill or stain on your interior surfaces, our steam cleaning method can work wonders in lifting and removing the paint, restoring the original look of your car's interior.

With our steam cleaning expertise and comprehensive approach, we are well-equipped to address a range of interior issues, from common stains to more challenging situations like odours, mould, and paint spills. Trust us to revitalize your car's interior and provide you with a clean and fresh driving experience.

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Remove Mould Spores and Cigarette Odours with Ozone Cleaning

Prevent mould and eliminate cigarette smoke odours with our ozone cleaning service. This powerful technique disinfects your car interior, destroying germs and viruses and ensuring a fresh, healthy environment.


What is the best way to book an interior cleaning in Staines?

  • if you're not in a hurry, simply submit a quote request through our website, and we will get back to you in a timely manner.
  • if you have questions concerning the cleaning and the interior issue you need removing, feel free to contact us over the phone on 01784 614009
  • for all you texters, we are also on WhatsApp, so feel free to reach out and tell us a bit more about what you need done

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Car Cleaning LTD has over 10 000 happy customers!

Check some of the latest car interior detailing reviews below:

I had my car interior cleaned a few days ago with this company and I can gladly say I have never seen it looking this good since the day I bought it. The technician came on time, worked fast and efficient, he was very polite, well-mannered and informative. I would be using them again in the future for sure. I have to say that the quality of the job exceeded my expectations mainly because I have 3 children which are a handful and love to make a mess wherever they are

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Mary B Lopez
Mary B Lopez
5 Apr 2023

I had a large Starbucks coffee spilled on the back seats of my car. The stain was very bad and I didn’t think it would come out as good as it did. The lad that came did his absolute best and I was surprised of the amazing results! I would recommend Car Cleaning LTD to every person who needs a professional clean of the highest quality and at most affordable prices. Cheers!

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Gayle Guzman
16 Feb 2023

We just bought our new Kia Sportage second hand. There was a lingering unpleasant smell of cigarettes from the previous owner that really bugged me. My cousin recommended Car Cleaning LTD, as she was very satisfied with their efficiency and I decided to put my trust in them. After the cleaning, the odour was fully gone and the car smelled clean and fresh. I will definitely be using them again soon!

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Andrew J Hamilton
Andrew J Hamilton
7 Oct 2022
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